Your list or our lists?

The Personal Marketing Company offers one of the largest (more than 110,000,000 households nationwide) and most accurate consumer list services available.

Our records are compiled by one of the nation's premier data providers--and tested, cleansed and combined to create the most accurate and comprehensive repository of consumer marketing information available. Our records also comply with strict legal and ethical considerations, including strict adherence to both state and national privacy laws affecting data compilation.

You can select your mailing audience by:
  • Homeownership status
  • Occupant income
  • Occupant status
  • Proximity to a specific location
  • Specific streets within a ZIP code
  • ZIP code and more

You can also buy a consumer list without placing an order, at the cost of 8 cents per record. Simply create a Personal Marketing Company account, and we'll send the list to you via e-mail. If you select a list as part of a single post card mailing, the list is free.

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