Marketing Strategies and Tools

  How Do You Start Prospecting?
  1. Know your message and what you have to offer. Identify your unique selling proposition.

  2. Create your marketing plan highlighting your values and uniqueness.

  3. Celebrate your strengths and successes.

    1. Show confidence in what you know. Present testimonials from previous clients and share your success stories.

  4. Build relationships!

    1. Get to know your prospects' needs, problems and concerns.

    2. Tell your clients why you are the right real estate professional for them. Remember, you are providing a long-term service and not just looking to close a deal or get a check.

    3. Enthusiasm is contagious - be prepared to amaze. By educating prospects on the services you provide and the problems that you're able to solve, they will begin to see value in your unique service.

    4. Become their overall, long-term, real estate resource.

    5. Provide solutions by:

      1. Gathering data - verify if prospects meet your profile.

      2. Uncovering potential - ask questions to see if both parties want to pursue problems/concerns that you can solve.

      3. Planting seeds about your service - "The reason I'm asking you is..."

      4. Taking appropriate action - find a solution based on information your prospects give you.

    6. By going through this process you can:

      1. Send prospects the information they really need and want.

      2. Set the stage for the next contact.

      3. Seek and expect commitment to your service.

      4. Close a sale.

      5. Keep in touch with a client follow-up program.

  5. Implement Your Marketing Plan - Be Creative!

    1. The key is consistent, personal contact. If you are not communicating with your prospects, who is? Make sure your contact has value so your prospects will equate your services with value and PERSONALIZE with your photo and contact information.

    2. Examples include:

      Newsletters: According to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, top producers cite newsletters as one of the most effective media you can use. Choose a newsletter that targets the interest of your audience so they will be excited to receive, read and retain it.

      Oversized recipe cards: Many people enjoy receiving recipes. This is a great way to feature a value-added, soft sell approach that encourages the recipient to save the cards and share them with others.

      Just Listed/Just Sold Announcements: According to research by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, announcement postcards are one of the best marketing tools for marketing properties and celebrating your success.

      Self-mailers: High-energy, full-color self-mailers are a great way to get your prospects' attention as long as they provide value today.

      Personalized note cards with business cards enclosed.

      Drip Pack TM postcard program targeted toward FSBO's with useful home selling information.

      Create your own Web site - many home buyers now use the Internet to shop for a home.

  6. Stay positive and have some fun.

    1. If you strive for excellence, you will achieve it. Follow the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have done to you - then you can feel good about your efforts and successes.

    2. Don't dwell on the people who don't value your services. Stay positive and focus on your destination toward success as defined by finding and nurturing long-term, value-shared relationships.

By staying focused and positive, you will build your business!

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